We are a family owned business

After living in Perth for five years and working hard at settling in and staying afloat, Julienne and I had an idea. The idea came to mind after Julienne had a health scare and as a result we decided to do something together. What followed was a small South African family business that we never imagined would draw so many people from all across Perth.

We definitely think we fit the ‘humble beginnings’ category. We started as a very small little shop in a single unit, and over the years we have transformed into a bustling space with many facets including our extensive café menu, Soweto Shebeen and homemade dried meats.

‘Kalahari’ as the name of our store was chosen with the intention of the shop being like an oasis or a waterhole for people to come to when they miss home, or just for a coffee catch-up. We have been so blessed by the community that has developed since we opened our doors in November 2010.

As a family we consider ourselves incredibly blessed to be able to work together and to see the shop’s success. We have met so many people and heard so many stories that have inspired us to settle in Australia without having to forget about our roots. We trust that you will feel welcome in our little oasis and that it will be a place where you can relax and rekindle your love for each other and Africa.

Fritz Arnold

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Fair Trade

We are enthusiastic about selling products from South Africa and taking part in fair trade craft production and employment in Africa!